Play Anxiety Away - Level 1 - Summer


Play Anxiety Away - Level 1 - Summer


We’re all here for the same reason: to help with our anxiety. In this introductory class, we’ll use improv and powerful self-help concepts to move you from anxiety towards your natural confidence and courage, and explore them in a fun and playful way. We’ll focus on:

  • Being in the moment

  • Connecting with your body

  • Allowing yourself to make mistakes

  • Letting go of judgement

  • Laughing and playing together

6 weeks, starting Sunday, June 2, 1-3:30pm

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WHO: You and a fun group of people who are all here for the same reason.

WHAT: Play Anxiety Away improv class. 6 weeks of play and laughs!

WHEN: Sundays 1-3:30pm, starting June 2nd (running June 2, 9, 16, 23, July 7, 14 (no class Canada Day weekend).

WHERE: The Social Capital Theatre154 Danforth Ave, 2nd floor.

WHY: Because it’s helpful and fun!


I know what you're thinking: "Improv?!" 

Non-anxious people freak out at the idea of improv, so how can I expect you to want to take this class?

First off, let me explain what I mean by “improv.” You won’t be doing “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” style scenes or anything (too old a reference?). I don’t expect you to be funny. I don’t expect you to even know what improv is! Improv, the way I use it, is any exercises or games that bring the childlike playfulness out of adults. We’ve been trained in school and work and society not to have fun, and this course is designed to bring that back.

Second, you won’t be alone. “Cam, I’m socially anxious, I WANT to be alone!” Yeah, I just mean you won’t be singled out. This is group stuff. Supporting each other as we all play together.

We’ll play with the ideas of:

  • Being in the moment without judgement

  • Using movement to change our thoughts and feelings

  • Supporting and fully listening to others

  • Allowing ourselves to make misteaks and not be so darn perfect all the time

  • Finding and sharing our voice and opinions and feelings

  • Just playing, playing for the sake of playing

Through play you’ll start to find the fun in life and not take things so seriously. I’ve seen people go from too scared to enter the classroom, to performing in front of hundreds of people. But that’s not the expectation. Frankly, even if you get nothing from this other than a three-hour break of fun and joy in the middle of the week, it’s so worth it.

Let’s play your anxiety away!