What is improv?

If you've seen "Who's line is it anyway?" it's not like that. Not at the start. It's not about becoming performers and making people laugh on the spot. It's more like kids, or dogs, running around in a park kinda stuff. Just adults being free and playing and having fun. 

What if I'm not funny?

Great! First, these aren't comedy classes, so you’re not expected to be funny. We won't be using improv to become performers or make an audience laugh. Instead, we'll play improv exercises to have fun and laugh and enjoy life. (Also, I bet you're funnier than you think. Again, not that being funny matters.) 

And second, it’s a class. Meaning you’re learning something new. So you’re not expected to already be good at it. So if you’re worried about sucking, don’t. You’re allowed to. Besides, everyone else is just learning too, so you’ll fit right in.

What if I embarrass myself?

Great! Improv is silly. It'll feel silly at times. But know that you aren't alone. Improv is about connecting with a group. Anytime you feel like you look ridiculous, if you look around the room everyone else is being ridiculous, too. It's like exposure therapy in a safe place where everyone gets to laugh through those weird moments. 

What if nothing goes wrong and I have a ton of fun?

Even though we usually expect the worse and focus on “what if’ing” worst-case scenarios, this is the most likely outcome of the class. Just wanted you to be prepared. Getting there can feel scary, but being there is super fun!

How many people are in the classes?

Play Anxiety Away: 12-16. Not too many where you’d feel lost in the crowd, but also not too few where you feel like you could individually stand out. Most of the exercises are everyone playing together.

Fearless Presentations: 10 max. Enough to work through fears as a supportive improv group, but few enough to have time to practice solo presentations. 

Corporate: Generally improv is best with 20 or fewer, but can be adjusted for bigger groups. 

Talks: Whatever size. I've lead hundreds through an exercise together. 

Can I pay on the day?

Sure! The reason to pay in advance is to make sure there's a spot reserved for you in the class before it sells out. But if you'd prefer to pay when you arrive (by cash, credit, cheque) message me to say "Hey Cam, please hold me a spot and I'll pay you when I get there." and I'll reply something like, "Cool." 

What should I do if I'm too anxious to come to class?



First, it’s okay to feel anxious. I mean, it’s an anxiety class, it makes sense that you might feel that way. And getting there is the scariest part. The "idea" of improv is way scarier than improv itself. Don’t spend your energy fighting it, know that you can bring it to class. Everyone else is here for the same reason, so they're feeling it too. That's why there's an instant sense of support in the group. If you're scared to come, know that you’ll fit right in.

Second, I'll totally understand if you can’t make it to class. You’re probably feeling a lot of pressure to show up, and the anticipation of "what if...?" can be scary. Whatever happens, trust that it’s meant to be.

Also know that if you're on the fence, message me and I'm always happy to chat or meet up early if you think it'll help.