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”Thank you Cam for an amazing afternoon of improv! Our team of writers and designers loved your workshop. You taught us that it’s ok to mess up. In fact, messing can be hilarious. This session really got our team comfortable with thinking on our feet and rolling with the unexpected. Thanks again!”

- Lisa Shedden, Manager, Agile UI and Editorial, CIBC Client Connectivity & Innovation

“We hired Cam to conduct a workshop to improve our presentation and rapport building skills with our customers, and it was an absolulte home run! The time flew by and along with the team gaining a bunch of new ideas they can leverage in their sales roles, Cam had the entire group in stiches with his mix of humour, group exercises, insights, and stories from the ups and downs of his career. I would unequivocally recommend Cam for corporate team building and educational events.”

- Tim Peter, VP Doxim

"One of our focuses this year was exposing employees to experiences and ideas that can spark creativity, develop new skills, and help them connect with each other...and Play with Fire Improv delivered on all three! And I don't think I've ever heard so much laughter in the office."

- Jenny Serwylo, Sago Mini

“The morning I spent with my staff team was one of the most engaging and enjoyable I have had in a long time. Cameron creates an environment that safely allows even the most skeptical to participate."

- Heather Tillock, Manager, Community Partnerships & Support Services, Region of York

"Your three days training was very diverse, interactive, engaging and useful. My team of workshop facilitators provided me with much feedback on how your training has been helping them with thinking on their feet and facing and resolving unexpected situations.

Whether the goal is to become a better public speaker, overcoming social anxiety, becoming a better team player or to just have fun, I highly recommend your workshops and training to individuals and corporations."

- Shahrzad Shahriari, Curriculum Coordinator, Canadian Mental Health Association, Toronto Branch

“I was very skeptical at first and nervous but I really enjoyed the session and it helped me think of anxiety and treatment of anxiety in a very different way.”

“I left the session feeling super energized and good - a strong reminder of the importance of the power of play in our lives.”

“I liked how he made it less intimidating to do as many people with anxiety may immediately feel hearing the word "improv".

- Occupational Therapists, Playshop Participants, Providence Healthcare

I have been blessed to be connected with Cameron in my quest to expose my clients who are suffering with depression and anxiety to the world of improvisation. Cameron’s program offers individuals who managing with a challenging life change to try new things, make a mistake and find the joy and humor in it. Cameron has a warm kind way with his students and his authenticity provides the safe relationship needed for clients to feel they can even start to take chances.

I think Cameron’s connection to his own mental health experience and his ability to see the laughter in the day to day rigmarole is a blessing we all should have the opportunity to be a part of. I truly appreciate any time I get to work with Cameron in his element.

- Andrea Sadler, Occupational Therapist

"I started taking Cam’s improv classes to improve my confidence being in front of people and reduce my social anxiety. Within weeks, I noticed a marked improvement in my self-perception as my mind opened to who I really was, and what I’m capable of when I say “yes” to myself and others. Now, I perform on stage with supportive new friends (something I never thought I could or would want to do), and feel like the voice of anxiety that shouted so loudly in my ear for so long has faded to a whisper. Improv has changed my life.

         - Sean Fitch


"Six weeks ago, I struggled to find the courage to go to class (and not sneak out part way through), but I went (and stayed) and it was awesome! The six weeks flew by and I’m amazed at how I’ve changed.

I met great people and for six weeks we played and had fun together and sometime, during those six weeks, while we were laughing until our cheeks hurt, I changed. I learned not to be so anxious and to know that it’s okay to screw up. I learned to laugh and have fun.

If you are thinking of taking the class, but are anxious or worried that you can’t do it, you can. I did. And it was okay. It was more than okay. It was awesome!"

         - Leona J. 


"Cam’s class is amazing! He is super funny and supportive and makes everyone feel appreciated. Even though it can be terrifying signing up for the class, within five minutes you will be having fun. You will learn to embrace ‘mistakes’, trust yourself, and get pretty good at zombie tag! I am very happy to have been a part of this class – I miss it already! <3"

         - Kirstie Kerr