First Dream Job Problems

Okay, I’ve been preaching about doing what you love, finding your dream job and all that for a while now, so I’ll assume by this point many of you have quit or been fired from your old jobs and are now in a constant state of bliss. Well that’s exactly the problem situation I’ve found myself in recently.

I used to work in advertising. I would spend my days doing ad stuff, then go out at night and perform, or take class, or teach improv. Do what I like for money, do what I love in my spare time.

But now I’m doing what I love as my job. You see the problem, right? What the hell am I supposed to do with my spare time? More improv? More teaching? I’d just get paid for it, then I’d be loving work* again. You know what I mean?!

What I’ve had to do is look for new things to love. There’s a whole world of cool stuff out there: skydiving, learning an instrument, juggling, writing a movie, building a fridge, moving things with your mind, raising a goat, or trying something weird.

I know, I know, it’s a vicious circle. Do what you love, then love something new, then do that, then love something new, then do that. It never ends.

Listen, I know it can feel overwhelming to be constantly smiling and laughing all the time, but believe me, you get used to it. Eventually it even starts to feel normal.

Bliss out!

*Hard to call it work when you love it so much, amirite?!

*Hard to call it work when you love it so much, amirite?!