New Week’s Resolutions™

Happy New Year everyone! Woot! Streamers, fireworks, hangovers, etc. Oh man, what a night. Now let’s see, what’s on the agenda for today? Nothing, everything’s closed, day off work, sweet life. Oh what’s this? A piece of paper titled New Year’s Resolutions. Shit. This. So you get up. And you exercise. And you eat right. And you don’t smoke. And you don’t watch TV (too much). And you read more. And learn a new language. And travel. And save money. And write a blog post. And suddenly your day is filled. And you think, how the fuck am I going to do all of this every single day for a year?!

Well, not that I don’t have total faith in you, but you’re not. People fail their resolutions all the time. And that’s okay. I’m a big fan of failing. But, if you’re not, try this:

New Week’s Resolutions™

Take your current New Year’s Resolutions and try them for a week. Exercise for a week. If you fail, who gives a shit? It’s a week. And you learn from it. I’ll try again next week. Or I’ll try a new exercise. Or I’ll do five days instead of forcing seven.

A year is a daunting amount of time. For anything. So don’t make a year your goal time. Just do a week. Instead of one giant goal, you’ll be making 52 smaller goals. The extra bonus is that you get to celebrate each week you succeed. Instead of just shitting on yourself for being a big failure, and trying again in 2016.

Try it. For a week. If you don’t like it, just love yourself and stop trying to change then.

Happy New Day!

Enjoy your exercise. Thanks for reading. See you next week. And if not, I’ll write something the week after ;)