The Work & The Play: Waking Up

I was very anxious and depressed, so I did “the work” and it helped. I also joined an improv class and starting doing “the play” and it helped, too. Together they changed my life. Here's the first in a series of ways to work/play in everyday situations.

Waking Up.

Some people wake up with a smile and jump out of bed laughing and throw the curtains wide open to look at their ocean view and take a deep smell of the world. Others wake up with disappointment that another day of pain and suffering has been forced upon them, already knowing what this world smells like.


The Work:

Be grateful.

Specifically find 5 things to be grateful for. Take a moment to focus on a few good things before you set to work focusing on what’s wrong, or could go wrong. They don’t need to be huge. Be grateful that you have a bed and sheets and a pillow. That’s three. Two more and you’re good to go.


The Play: 


No, this isn't my answer to everything. But it is a way to have fun, and this is the last we’ll speak of it. Wake up and play. With yourself.