what not to wear

The Work & The Play: Getting Dressed

I was very anxious and depressed, so I did “the work” and it helped. I also joined an improv class and starting doing “the play” and it helped, too. Together they changed my life. Here's the first in a series of ways to work/play in everyday situations.

Getting Dressed. 

Okay, maybe I’m insecure and don’t feel worthy or enough, but if I can dress cool, my hope is that you’ll compliment me and make me feel complete. 


The Work:

Dress wrong. 

Button up your shirt off by one button. Or leave your laces untied. Or wear that shirt with the mustard stain. Practice being imperfect. You’ll spend all day feeling the fear of someone saying something. But they won’t, because they don't want to embarrass you. If they do say something, you can say “How embarrassing, thank you!” and make them feel like a hero. Making others feel like a hero, that’s what heroes do.  


The Play: 

Wear fun socks.

Two different, multi-coloured socks. Wear some with cartoons, or messages on them. For an even more hidden playful side, wear wild underwear. Something to make you feel fun, and it’s just for you, and I guess, anyone that sees your underwear.