Don’t try to do it all at once.

It took a while for me to create this website. Mainly because every day I’d look at my to-do list and the top one would be “Build the Play With Fire website.” How daunting is that? Answer: super daunting. The thought of how much work it would take to build a full website today left me too overwhelmed to do any of it. I wouldn’t even start. What’s the point? And that’s why there’s no website and you’re not reading this. The end.

What changed was that I broke it down into little teeny weeny bits that I could handle. That I could actually do. And I wouldn’t be overwhelmed by.

Day 1 – Build the website.


Day 1 – Write a post. See if you even like the idea. Day 2 – Think of a name. Day 3 – See if that URL is available, and if so, buy it. Day 4 – Find a wordpress template that’s not terrible. (You can always change it later. I’m already on my second or third.) Day 5 – Write the “About” page.

…and so forth.

Each of those little things in and of themselves isn’t that scary or overwhelming to do. And the best part is, you feel the same sense of pride each day. The original way, I didn’t get to pat myself on the back until the site was done. Now I get to bust out the champagne for even writing this post.

So if you’re building a portfolio site, or presentation, or a car made out of lego that runs on smiles, instead of avoiding it for a month then cramming it all together, build a little bit every day. The result will be way better. You might even enjoy the process.

Break out the bubbly.

To do: write caption for photo.
To do: write caption for photo.