Thank you, Thanksgiving.

Thank you Thanksgiving, for reminding me to be thankful for things. I’ve been sick a few times this year, and it’s hard to be grateful for anything when you don’t have your health. But that’s when gratitude is most important.

Being sick, I focus on being sick. Specifically this goddamn sore throat goddammit! But I’m also aware, when I take the time to look, that everything else in my life is pretty damn good. That’s what makes it so annoying that I can’t enjoy it because of this goddamn cold.

Ahem, thank you body for constantly wanting to be the healthiest you can be. Thank you heart for still beating. Thank you lungs for still breathing (though it’s through my mouth because my nose is blocked which just further infuriates my goddamn sore throat). Thank you for being able to sit and write this post. The more I thank, the more I realize I’m really only about 5% sick in the grand scheme of the body.

Most of us get focused on one thing that’s wrong with our life so much, that we forget all the amazing things we have.

Instead of focusing on the fact that you’re alone for Thanksgiving, be grateful for the extra food.

Instead of focusing on how other people are better and more successful at life, be grateful that you’re not being hounded by the paparazzi.

Instead of focusing on how much you hate your job and how happy you are to have a day off or how mad you are that you have to fucking work on Thanksgiving for no extra pay, (breath) be grateful for the push to go freelance.

Hey Cam, what if I’m alone and sick and don’t even have a job and my cat’s sick and I’m losing my eyesight and I don’t know how to play a musical instrument? What then, huh? Smart guy?

Smart guy? I’m flattered. Grateful for that compliment. That I gave myself through your hypothetical voice. Focus. Okay, if it feels like everything sucks, that’s exactly when you focus on the things that don’t. And I goddamn fuckin guarantee there are some things in your life that are great. Find them and focus on them goddammit!

Thank you for reading this.