Take the long weekend off.

It’s the long weekend! The dreaded long weekend.

You see, for people with noisy minds, it’s hard to shut them off. In fact, they don’t shut off. Brains don’t shut off. Which is a good thing, in the grand scheme of staying alive, but not great if you’re the kind of person who listens to all of the constant thoughts. And if you’re reading this blog, I assume you are that kind of person.

Fuck coping.

During a recent TV interview about improv helping with anxiety, the reporter asked/told me, “But you’re not saying this is a cure, it’s just another thing you can do as therapy. It’s a way to cope.”

I hate the word cope. Coping. Barf.

The disappointing follow-up to The Office.

Positive Thinking: Cameron, post this and you might help people. Or get a million likes. Or hits. Or whatever happens in blog world to let you know you’re worth something.

Realistic Expectation: Cameron, probably very few people will read this, and chances are you’ve said this stuff before and it’s not that helpful. And you smell.

Sens on Power Play

“Hockey’s a game and sometimes you just have to go play. Have a little fun with it and chase the puck and do things. We did that and I think our speed showed up. I think some talent showed up and we made some plays and fortunately for us, we won the hockey game. But I think that’s what I would like to see our team be – our players have to have some fun. It’s a game. We have to have some fun playing the game.”

- Bryan Murray, General Manager of a PROFESSIONAL hockey team

Your Fears are Rational.

I was always told my fear of flying was irrational. Do you know the chances of a plane crashing? Like, a million to one. You’re crazy for having that fear and you shouldn’t have it. Logically I agreed with them. It was a stupid fear and I was stupid for having it. I felt embarrassed for having such a non-real fear. But I still had it.

Confessions of an Asshole.

I used to be an asshole. Now I know there are people out there from my past who are thinking, “I bet you’re still an asshole.” But I also know there are people who know me now that are surprised (hopefully).

Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?

We’ve all been in arguments that go on so long that someone finally chuckles, “What were we fighting about again?” Then the other person chuckles. You chuckle together and almost make up, until one of you remembers and starts the fight again.