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To all the self-help books I've loved before...

I was interviewed recently by Jason Byzantium for the Toronto Public Library’s podcast: Shelve Under. This one is shelved under “Anxiety.” It was fun to talk about the self-help books that helped me, the joy of improv, and my personal story. I mean, what else am I going to talk about?

Softball. I probably could’ve also talked about softball. Wouldn’t have been as helpful, but I don’t want people to think I’m limited to three things. It’s four.

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 7: Accepting myself as I am right now.

When we last left off, Cameron had just taken several flights to face his fears. He decided he was finally strong enough to live with and accept himself. And now the exciting conclusion!

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 6: Facing Fear.

After I cracked my head open, I decided it was time to change. Head crackings will do that. Good motivators.

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 5: Improv!

I loved improv the first time I saw it. It never occurred to me that I could ever do it, and if it did occur to me, I was terrified by the idea. But I loved what I saw.

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 4: Self-Help.

These, as Sally would say, are the dark days. I was at my weakest, both physically and emotionally, and to add to the fun, was expected to start flying to the States for business. Essentially, each flight was a deadline to get “better,” which put even more pressure on me. There’s no quicker way to spiral downward than to wake up every morning and see yourself as a problem that needs fixing.

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 3: Meditation.

Ugh, a whole post on meditation. Might skip this one. Chances are, if you’re anxious, you don’t like the idea of meditation. Being alone with my thoughts? No thank you. I spend all day trying to drown them out. The constant, incessant thoughts are what I hate, and what I’m hoping you’ll eventually (Part 18?) tell me how to stop.

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 2: Seeing A Therapist.

It might surprise you how many of your friends are seeing a therapist. Here’s a hint: more than you think. Another thing you can bond with them about. Yay a way to make friends!

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 1: Deciding to Change.

People often ask me, “Cameron, how did you get over your anxiety?” And I laugh and say, “Who’s Cameron?” then float away on a beam of light. But that doesn’t seem to help. So now I’ll answer the question. In several parts. This is Part One.