100 Ways to Play (in the Real World) - Part 31-40

Am I just going to keep going with my silly play list, and not acknowledge the joke-goes-here in the White House? Turns out yes. Not ’cause I’m ignoring it, or turning a blind eye, but because I genuinely think positivity is still really important to put out into the world. So despite how little many of us feel like playing right now, here’s the next instalment of ways to play. Enjoy!...?

31) Crafts!

Go to a craft store, buy some foam balls, pipe cleaners, puffy fluff, and sparkle stuff, then slam it all together. Crafts! Here's a video on how to put pictures on wood. Neat! Knit a cat sweater, add flare to your protest sign, personalize a mug. It’s fun, it’s art, it’s creative, what more could you want? Here's a photo of my friend Sean’s first felt. Cute as hell.

32) Potluck!

I don’t understand why all meals aren’t potluck. It’s like free food with friends. (Mental note, form a potluck group on Facebook.) Are you tired of reading your newsfeed and thinking about how terrible the world is and don't want to be alone? Also can’t be bothered making food? Well now there’s Potluck! Simply invite some foods over…er, friends over and enjoy some time together. Share a laugh, share a smile, share some food. Also, booze. Bring booze.

33) Chalk!

Don’t you hate sidewalks and walls with nothing on them? Ugh, like, what am I going to read while I walk with my head down to avoid eye contact?! Well, now’s your chance to make your mark. Chalk mark. Get it? Yep, you got it. Write a message of hope on the sidewalk. Or a joke. Or the world “love.” Or a joke with the word love in it that will bring people hope. Or draw a penis, those look funny. You get the point.

34) Secret clothes!

I remember hearing the story about Joseph Gordon-Levitt's mismatched socks. His was an homage to his brother, but you can just do it for fun. People won't necessarily see your unconventional attire, but you'll know it's there. Like wearing scandalous underwear. You know you have it on and it gives you that “I know something you don’t know” feeling. Here’s a video we did years ago. Notice my fancy socks. Unseen is that I'm also wearing very lacy undies. Shhhhh.

35) Pranks!

This is gonna be my second JFL Gags reference in the list, and hopefully not my last, amirite? Beyond the great music, there’s the gags. I love a good ole goof. I remember someone went away from the office for vacation, or sick (okay I don’t remember the details), and we gift-wrapped everything in their cubicle: computer, chair, stapler, pens, paperclip. What a joy to return to. Everything’s a present! Surprise a friend with a bucket of water over the door, call someone and tell them their fridge has run away, or turn yourself into a car seat. Looking for fun? Check your bracelet and ask, What Would George Clooney Do?

36) Snow!

If you live in a place that has snow, play with it. Pee your name into it. Make people out of it. Ball it up in your hands and throw it at a tree, or hit the “O” in a Stop sign, or recreate that moment where Bill Murray tries to recreate that moment in Groundhog Day. Slide on it. Ski on it. Listen to the crunching under your feet on it. I guess what I’m saying is, snow’s fun.

37) Escalators!

Run down an escalator going up, or run up a downscalator. It’s harder than it looks, and when you see people doing it, it looks hard. But it’s fun. There’s the challenge of being able to do it physically matched with the joy of “doing something wrong.” See if you can get all the way up before the next person needs to come down.

38) Stairs!

What fun are these non-moving escalators? Just race Rocky-style up every single one of them. Even if there’s only three. All steps are Rocky steps if you're sprinting! Run up stairs, alone or in pairs. Like Slinky! Though, like Slinky, I guess you can also do it in groups. Weird that never came up in the Slinky song as an option. Running down stairs is also fun. I can get from the 8th floor to catch the bus across the street if the app says less than 2 mins. I have long legs, though. And reckless abandon.

39) Make T-shirts!

You know those funny things you think would be funny on a funny T-shirt? Actually follow through on it. Make a funny T-shirt of your own. Then walk into a shirt store and say, “Do you have any more of these?” and they’ll say “Let me check in the back” and with a proud smile you’ll say, “Don’t bother, you don’t.” But then they’ll say, “It'll just make sure, really it’s no bother” and you’ll be like “No, it’s a joke” and they’ll be like “And a funny one, so maybe we just sold out” and you’ll be like “No, you don’t get it” and they’ll be like “The joke? I get the joke. It’s very funny.” And you’ll be super flattered.

Here’s some T-shirts Sally and I made for peopleandchairs.com.

40) Dance!

How have I never said “Dance” yet? This is number 40?! This should be number one, baby. Or top 10 at least. Dance alone or in pairs. Like Slinky! Dance with your potluck friends. Dance in the snow. Dance on the stairs in your new t-shirt. Like Lady Gaga said, just dance! Dance to celebrate stopping someone who was harassing a woman or a minority. Dance to celebrate that you’re alive. Take this moment to focus on something good. Like the fact that dancing exists.

Thanks for reading. Share the love, share the play. Here’s the next 10 (aka the Holiday Special).

UPDATE: Check out 365 Days of Play on Instagram!

Before you go, if that chalk drawing was messing with your mind as much as it was mine, here's how they did it.