100 ways to play (in the real world) - Animal Edition!


Couldn't do a list of ways to play without checking in with the experts. They make it look so natural.

51) You otter learn how to play!

You throw a couple of rocks on the ground and this otter’s like, “Whoa, are you done with those?!” then schools you on how to have fun.

52) Start horsing around!

You’re like, “Ugh, it snowed last night,” and this horse is like “Imma roll around in that shit right now!”

53) No business like crow business!

I’d go tobogganing, but ah man, it’s so tiring to climb back up the hill. What? Just fly!

54) Greatest Of All Times!

What the hell is that? I have no idea... let’s play on it!

55) Sorry about the animal puns. Bear with me!

Hay ain’t just for horses.

56) Only fox news I watch!

Oh man, would you look at that? Hey, I’ve got an idea for a commercial.

57) Care for some play, my deer!

It not about the ball, it’s the idea of the ball maaan.

58) I’m dolphin if you're dolphin!

“Surfing’s the source man.” – The dolphin from Point Break.

59) Rhino, rhino, you don't need to keep telling me to play!

Find a friend that you really just click with. Have fun.

60) Giraffe pun!

The most beautiful thing they’ve ever filmed. – the bag from American Beauty, still going strong.

Thanks for reading. See you next 10!

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