Happy Everyone’s Going Through Stuff Day

Normally on social media, it’s hard not to compare yourself to others. This person is clearly travelling to more exotic places, eating fancier food, dresses classier, and has more adorable cats than me. That makes me feel bad that I should be doing more of those things. I should be better. I should be like those people.

But today we get to compare ourselves in a different way. This person is clearly struggling to sleep, to write this post, to live, to get their cat to pose properly for the photo. That makes me feel… less alone. I am already like those people. Sure, maybe I should be better, but it’s good to know that I’m not alone in thinking I should be better. I’m not alone in the struggle.

Cause that’s the thing: everyone’s dealing with stuff.

For me, it’s that I’ve been sick a lot lately, and it’s bringing me down. I’ve talked openly about dealing with my anxiety, and how I feel like I’ve overcome it. But I still get anxious. I’m just not anxious all the time. I still get depressed, it’s just not a permanent thing anymore.

It helps me to know it’s okay to be down. That everyone gets down. That everyone’s dealing with stuff.

So thank you to everyone who’s sharing today. If you’re wondering if people will relate to what you’re posting, the answer is yes. And they love you for it.