The Freelance Mindset™

Feeling trapped at work? Remember, that’s just a feeling. I’m not saying you don’t have legit reasons - kid(s) to feed, house(s) to pay, car(s) to fix, etc(s). But when you feel like you HAVE to do something, chances are part of you will resent doing it. Doing the dishes sucks because you feel you have to do them. Exercise sucks because you feel you have to do it. Raising a kid sucks because of all the many reasons it sucks. You get the point.

Introducing The Freelance Mindset™

For those of you who’ve freelanced, you might already know what I mean. (Is freelanced not a word, why is it underlined in red?) Anyway, the scary part of freelancering… freelancinating… freelancing (got it!) is that you don’t know when your next job will be. But if you can get past that, knowing that even a solid fulltime job can end suddenly anyway, there are tons of mental perks.

You feel like your own boss. You can work from home. Or the park. You feel distanced from office politics. You don’t have to put in face time, or pretend to work. You’re probably making more money. etc(s).

What’s my point? Other than to rub it in the face of fulltimers. (What?! Fulltimers isn’t a word either?)

My point is, you can work fulltime and still enjoy the freelance… ahem… The Freelance Mindset™.

Walk into work tomorrow like you’ve been brought in specially as an expert at your job. Own your own work instead of waiting to be told how to do it. Work outside the office if the office isn’t conducive to good work. Feel detached from the office in-fighting. And fuck that whole face time shit. If you’re done your work, take a break and be okay with a break. Or better yet, go home for the day. It makes you feel less frustrated on those days when you have to stay late.

And after a set amount of time (six months, a year, half a day), if you don’t like the job, leave. Life’s too short. Trust that you’re good enough to provide the world with something worth paying for.

The truth is, “I’m here because I have to be here for the money” isn’t as true, or as empowering as “I’m here because I choose to be here.” Get past that washing dishes feeling and hell, you might even realize you like your damn job!

Just another day at the office.
Just another day at the office.

™ Trademark not real, just thought it looked cool.