Get off the fence!

Everything you do is based on choices you make. There are times when the choice is easy, and there are times when the decision is hard. (Duh, what’s your point?) Here’s a tip to make the hard decisions seem easy. Ready? Here it is:

Just make a decision.

That’s all you have to do. See how easy that is?

Here’s an example:

Should I call in sick, or force myself to go in? a) Call in Sick. b) Go in. c) I’m not sure, let me think about it some more.

Without knowing how you feel, I can tell you that C is the wrong answer. Hovering between the decision will just make you feel sicker. Whereas, if you pick A, you accept the decision and feel the weight off your shoulders. And allowing yourself to rest might make you feel well enough to go in anyway. And even deciding on B, you’ll feel an acceptance of the fact that you chose to go in. The worst decision is the one you don’t make. Was that as profound as it sounded? Yes. I’m deciding it was.

What makes tough decisions feel tough, is when you hover between the answers. That feeling of indecision is what creates stress and anxiety. What if I make the wrong choice? Exactly, what if? You won’t know until you make it. You don’t know how you feel about either decision, until you make one.

Here’s a scenario that many of us struggle with every day:

What do you wanna do for lunch? I don’t know. Just pick a place. Why don’t you pick a place? I’m good with anything. Me too. Just pick something. There’s only like three places around here anyway. So pick one! Fine! Burger. I don’t feel like a burger.

Great. Wonderful job. Thanks you two. (They exit stage left towards the salad place.)

What’s great about decisions, is that they let you know how you feel. Choose burgers, and you’ll instantly know if it was a good decision or a bad one. If the decision felt good, good. If it felt like the wrong decision, change it. I’ll repeat that for anyone who’s still afraid to make the wrong decision: you can change your mind!

Even if it’s life or death in the moment, deciding will let you know RIGHT AWAY how you feel.

Should I fire this guy? a) Yes, he’s naked and drunk and throwing feces at the client. b) No, I like his passion.


Should I get a haircut? Just one of life's tough decisions.
Should I get a haircut? Just one of life's tough decisions.