Fuck coping.

During a recent TV interview about improv helping with anxiety, the reporter asked/told me, “But you’re not saying this is a cure, it’s just another thing you can do as therapy. It’s a way to cope.”

I hate the word cope. Coping. Barf.

The disappointing follow-up to The Office.

Positive Thinking: Cameron, post this and you might help people. Or get a million likes. Or hits. Or whatever happens in blog world to let you know you’re worth something.

Realistic Expectation: Cameron, probably very few people will read this, and chances are you’ve said this stuff before and it’s not that helpful. And you smell.

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 7: Accepting myself as I am right now.

When we last left off, Cameron had just taken several flights to face his fears. He decided he was finally strong enough to live with and accept himself. And now the exciting conclusion!

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 6: Facing Fear.

After I cracked my head open, I decided it was time to change. Head crackings will do that. Good motivators.

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 5: Improv!

I loved improv the first time I saw it. It never occurred to me that I could ever do it, and if it did occur to me, I was terrified by the idea. But I loved what I saw.

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 4: Self-Help.

These, as Sally would say, are the dark days. I was at my weakest, both physically and emotionally, and to add to the fun, was expected to start flying to the States for business. Essentially, each flight was a deadline to get “better,” which put even more pressure on me. There’s no quicker way to spiral downward than to wake up every morning and see yourself as a problem that needs fixing.

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 3: Meditation.

Ugh, a whole post on meditation. Might skip this one. Chances are, if you’re anxious, you don’t like the idea of meditation. Being alone with my thoughts? No thank you. I spend all day trying to drown them out. The constant, incessant thoughts are what I hate, and what I’m hoping you’ll eventually (Part 18?) tell me how to stop.

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 2: Seeing A Therapist.

It might surprise you how many of your friends are seeing a therapist. Here’s a hint: more than you think. Another thing you can bond with them about. Yay a way to make friends!

How I Got Over My Anxiety, Part 1: Deciding to Change.

People often ask me, “Cameron, how did you get over your anxiety?” And I laugh and say, “Who’s Cameron?” then float away on a beam of light. But that doesn’t seem to help. So now I’ll answer the question. In several parts. This is Part One.

New Week’s Resolutions™

A year is a daunting amount of time. For anything. So don’t make a year your goal time. Just do a week. Instead of one giant goal, you’ll be making 52 smaller goals. The extra bonus is that you get to celebrate each week you succeed.

Sens on Power Play

“Hockey’s a game and sometimes you just have to go play. Have a little fun with it and chase the puck and do things. We did that and I think our speed showed up. I think some talent showed up and we made some plays and fortunately for us, we won the hockey game. But I think that’s what I would like to see our team be – our players have to have some fun. It’s a game. We have to have some fun playing the game.”

- Bryan Murray, General Manager of a PROFESSIONAL hockey team

Your Fears are Rational.

I was always told my fear of flying was irrational. Do you know the chances of a plane crashing? Like, a million to one. You’re crazy for having that fear and you shouldn’t have it. Logically I agreed with them. It was a stupid fear and I was stupid for having it. I felt embarrassed for having such a non-real fear. But I still had it.

First Dream Job Problems

Okay, I’ve been preaching about doing what you love, finding your dream job and all that for a while now, so I’ll assume by this point many of you have quit or been fired from your old jobs and are now in a constant state of bliss. Well that’s exactly the problem situation I’ve found myself in recently.

Confessions of an Asshole.

I used to be an asshole. Now I know there are people out there from my past who are thinking, “I bet you’re still an asshole.” But I also know there are people who know me now that are surprised (hopefully).

Don’t try to do it all at once.

It took a while for me to create this website. Mainly because every day I’d look at my to-do list and the top one would be “Build the Play With Fire website.” How daunting is that? Answer: super daunting. The thought of how much work it would take to build a full website today left me too overwhelmed to do any of it. I wouldn’t even start. What’s the point? And that’s why there’s no website and you’re not reading this. The end.

Would you rather be right, or would you rather be happy?

We’ve all been in arguments that go on so long that someone finally chuckles, “What were we fighting about again?” Then the other person chuckles. You chuckle together and almost make up, until one of you remembers and starts the fight again.